LIIFT4 Workout Program Review and Results

I never thought I was the type of girl who would like weightlifting. I didn’t want to look “bulky”, the weight section at the gym was always intimidating, and lifting in general just always seemed so… well hard!

So safe to say I was as shocked as I could have been when I fell in love with LIIFT4, a program that incorporates weight lifting, HIIT exercises and core moves. I completed the full 8 week program without missing a day (never thought that would happen) and am thrilled with my results!

LIIFT4 is easily one of my most favorite workout program I have done to date, and there are 2 main reasons why: weight lifting and only 4 workouts a week.

Yep, you read that right…. Only workout 4 days a week with 3 rest days!!


The LIIFT4 program combines weightlifting and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) movements, and ends with core work to get your body in the ultimate fat-burning zone efficiently, to help you build muscle and scorch fat. (Who doesn’t want that?!). Ultimately, I’m just not a huge fan of lots of cardio, (honestly who is??) so I really enjoyed getting to do a different workout style. The program is 8 weeks long, and comprised of 32 unique workouts, rotating through a different muscle group focus each day. Even better then only 4 workouts a week? They are only 25-40 minutes long, so you won’t have to waste hours of your life working out to see results . For me, this was a game changer and the reason I didn’t miss a single workout my first round!


Somone who…

  • is looking to tone and sculpt.
  • is wanting to burn fat.
  • has limited time and a busy schedule.
  • wants to get an EFFICIENT workout in, instead of spending an hour or more per day on fitness.
  • is ready for something FRESH, and that still allows FLEXIBILITY.
  • wants to learn more about healthy eating and macros.

First off, LIIFT4 can be accessed online through Beachbody’s online virtual gym. So you can workout in the comfort of your own living room or stream from your phone at the gym! LIIFT4 uses fairly basic exercise moves based on a traditional rep model, so they are easy to follow. I was a total weightlifting newbie, yet felt extremely comfortable with all of the moves due to how well everything is explained. There is a modifier shown for every move, though even the modified moves will still get your blood pumping and sweat dripping for sure! That being said, this program really is for every fitness level! Joel Freeman, the creator of LIIFT4 and the instructor in the course, explains every move and talks you through correct form. There is also a cast of about 4 people demonstrating and completing the workout with you. And… there are only 4 workout days week, around 30 minutes each exercise session! No excuses, friends, you CAN make this fit into your life!


My Results:

LIIFT4 My Results
My 8 week transformation. 10 months Postpartum.
LIIFT4 My Results
My 8 week transformation. 10 months postpartum.

My 8 week transformation. 10 months postpartum.

LIIFT4 My Results

Results from other LIIFT4 Followers:

What is Included with LIIFT4?
  • 32 Unique Workouts 4 days a week, each workout will target either the chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, or legs—and end with a core burning ab routine.
  • 2 Recovery Day Stretch RoutinesDesigned to help relieve soreness, speed muscle recovery, and increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion.
  • LIIFT4 Program & Nutrition GuideYou are going to build muscle and burn a ton of calories. Beachbody has put together a simple way to help keep your body fueled and primed for success—even including an optional “cheat day.” There are no gimmicks and no complicated recipes. Just 5 easy steps designed to deliver the best results.
  • LIIFT4 Vegan Nutrition GuideThis PDF will help those that follow a vegan nutrition plan get the LIIFT4 results they’re looking for.
  • LIIFT4 Weight Progression TrackerYou will want to track how much weight you lift in each set, so you’ll know how to increase the weight over time. LIIFT4 is about making progress—and the weights you select are the catalyst for improvement. But remember, maintaining great form is key!
  • LIIFT4 CalendarThe best way to achieve optimal results with LIIFT4 is to “check off” your progress along the way. It will also help you know which format you’re doing and the body parts you’re working each day.
  • Instructional Video on LiftingBefore you begin working out, there is a video titled HOW TO LIIFT4 (found on the Workout List, Get Started page on Beachbody On Demand.) This is Weightlifting 101, covering weight selection, proper lifting form, and safety tips. It’s a free video that you can use to preview the LIIFT4 program. It’s especially valuable for those who may be intimidated by weightlifting and have little experience.
  • Supplemental VideosWeekly READY FOR LIIFT OFF videos that guide you through what to expect during each week of the program.

The whole program is 8 weeks long, with 32 unique workouts. The first 6 weeks are focused on building muscle, and the last 2 are focused on shredding.


LIIFT4’s nutrition program is based on calories and macronutrients, and is designed to use the Portion Fix container system. I have been following Portion Fix for about 6 months now and truly love it! It helps make eating a balanced diet simple and easy to follow.

LIIFT4 comes with 4 different nutrition guide options with different calorie brackets. You will decide which bracket is right for you based off of your current weight and your target weight.

Oh and another great part of the meal plan? The cheat day! <3 Saving some of my favorites for one day helped me stay on track the rest of the week, instead of completely depriving myself for the length program. I also would forgo my cheat day and have wine occasionally in the evenings and then have only one meal that I really indulged in. It is recommended that you plan your day of treats before a workout day. That way you’ll burn your treats as fuel! I also continued with my daily Shakeology, and I consider it a requirement in the program, while the other supplements of the Beachbody Performance line are optional, but HIGHLY recommended due to the more rigorous nature of the program. Plus, Energize, a Preworkout, singlehandedly helped me to push Play on my workout on more then one day. It helps to sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer through your workout, and helps fight muscle fatigue. It always gives me the perfect boost of energy to get me excited to start my workout, without any jittery feeling or crash later. I now never workout without it, and often also drink it when I have a lot of chores to tackle!

Keep in mind that the transformations above didn’t come from just doing half the program. All of those people committed to the whole shebang, which is why I recommended you do as well because I want you to get the best results!

{Nutrition Tip: Joel stated in the group that if you have less than 30 pounds to lose – he highly recommends you bump your calorie bracket up two plans. So, if you’re Plan A – go to Plan C. Gain some muscle and trust the process.}


I am ALL about a good deal and getting the most you can for your money. Beachbody has Challenge Packs to get you set up with everything you need to be successful- all with significant savings compared to if you ordered each item individually. With each option you’ll also get access to not just LIIFT4, but the entire library of workouts that you can stream digitally on any device that can access the internet! (Also, talk with me about how to become a VIP customer and get 20% off on all future orders!)

LIIFT4™ Annual BOD Shakeology® & Performance Mega CP
LIIFT4™ Annual Beachbody® On Demand & Shakeology® CP
LIIFT4™ Annual Beachbody® On Demand Performance Pack
Annual Beachbody® On Demand & Shakeology® Challenge Pack
  • Only 4 workouts a week
  • 3 active recovery days
  • 30ish minute workouts
  • 32 unique workouts
  • Workout anywhere you can access the internet.
  • Simple nutrition plan focused on balance and not restrictions.

get ready to..

and feel better to live your life to the fullest!
Support and accountability on my fitness journey has been a complete game changer! If this sounds like something that you would benefit from as well, either send me a quick email, DM on Instagram, or fill out the form in my Instagram bio! I truly believe this is so much more fun with friends 💕
Can’t wait to help you get started!

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