Should you Take a Blogging Break?

Should you Take a Blogging Break?

Hello sweet Friends!!

Honestly, how in the heck is it August 2018!?! Maybe it’s just me, but I seriously blinked and the year is already half way over. I don’t believe it.

On top of that, my baby girl is practically an adult now. She’s crawling at about 100 mph, stands all on her own, says “Dada”, and has her first tooth.

I mean really, what the heck.


I have been absent from my little corner of the worldwide web recently, and I miss it so much!! I’ll get back to a consistent posting schedule soon. Blogging is an amazing creative outlet for me, and I adore the connections I have made through this community. I did need to take a step back though for a few reasons, and they are reasons that I think are important to share because I KNOW some Mom is out there feeling the same way- and I want her to know that it’s ok.


Reason 1:

The first reason is I think the most important. I didn’t feel like I was being present enough with my baby. It’s not to say that blogging was the sole perpetrator here, but it was a factor. I was not managing my time well. I was getting stressed about what I wanted to do for my blog and then I was stressed about the time I was stressing about the blog and not focusing on my baby, and then stressed when I was with my baby about not finishing what I wanted for my blog, and the vicious cycle continues…

That is probably regular Mom guilt, and something that never really goes away, but I’m still pretty new to this Mom thing and learning. I knew for certain that I could allocate and manage my time better. So, I took a step back to focus on honing in on my family life and figuring out what our ideal routine was for all parties, so I could then go back and add my blogging (and coaching! More on that to come!) in the cracks. In that way, I was prioritizing , eliminating some very unnecessary stress, and finding the balance between the many important aspects of my life.

Reason 2:

The second reason kind of plays into the first reason, but I am listing it on it’s own since it has become such a priority in my life now- I am regularly working out! My fitness journey started in February, but in May I took it to the next level and really decided to make sure my health was something that I was going to focus on always.

I’ll create a whole post about this so I won’t go into too much detail here, but ultimately I was really losing my drive with the BBG program and knew I needed to find something else that motivated me because I was not interested in quitting. (You can read a little about my BBG experience here.) I found a new program that I LOVE and a whole community to go along with it. 3 months later and I can say I have never stuck to any program or any diet for this long. I am very, very much in love. It’s amazing what a huge mental shift it is from the “diet and workout for now” mentality to “this is my lifestyle”. I have never felt better, and I can’t wait to share more. Putting blogging on the back burner to make sure my workouts were a part of our normal routine really helped. Now that our routine is more concrete, I feel comfortable adding other things back in.

My Workout Buddy- Should you Take a Blogging Break?
My little workout buddy! I post videos of my workouts with Charlotte on my Instagram stories. Find me @elkeavellana
Reason 3:

I was losing my focus. I started this blog as a means to connect, inspire and enrich the lives of other women, especially new moms.

When Charlotte was born, I had an amazing support system with loved ones who were present and able to help me. Despite this, I still felt so lost and alone for those few months following Charlotte’s birth. I struggled to find myself again, and feel like the women I was before I became Mom.

I know there are other women who struggled with or are struggling with the same things. Whats more, I know if I could feel like that with the support I had, I can’t even begin to imagine the new Mom’s who are alone.

The new mom’s who don’t have amazing husbands.

The new mom’s who don’t have friends who care.

The new mom’s who don’t have their own mothers to lean on.

Seriously, it breaks my heart to think about, and I know they are out there. I want to find them and give them all a big virtual hug, and maybe, just maybe help them feel a little less alone, a little more empowered, and a little bit inspired. That is my focus, my reason.

But…. I was losing sight of that. I was focusing more on stats and likes and how to make the perfect Pinterest page and how to drive traffic and how to grow my email list, blah blah blah then I was on the content and my audience. Those aspects of blogging are all important, and aspects that will continue to be a part of what I look at since of course I would love my blog to be successful, but those aspects are not my reason for blogging. Taking a little break really helped me shake off those stresses and remember my why. (And lost little Mama, I’m coming for you <3 ).

We also just had a lot of life things going on these last few months as well. We have gone on a few trips to see family, had family and friends visit us, hosted 9 people (in our 1.5 bathroom house) for a week, threw a huge Luau for the husband’s birthday, etcetera etcetera. Things are finally starting to settle down, though I don’t think life will ever be calm!

Could you use a little  Blogging Break?

So lady, could you use a little blogging break? Is blogging bringing you more stress than happiness? Are you struggling to prioritize quality family time, your health, or another passion that feeds your soul? Have you been losing your focus?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, I think a little break could be extremely beneficial for you. It doesn’t need to be long! Even a week can provide such a refresh. You may be surprised with how much more fuel you have for your fire upon your return.

Take a deep breath, hug your babes, and know that if you unplug for just a little bit of time, it will all be ok.

I look forward to posting more often again soon! This time though, with some more balance between my life’s blessings and passions.



Should you Take a Blogging Break?

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