April Showers

April ShowersApril ShowersApril Showers April ShowersApril Showers April Showers April ShowersApril ShowersApril Showers

Outfit Details:

Rain Coat: Pendleton (more colors) | Shirt: Caslon | Jeans: Top Shop | Boots: Hunter |         Necklace: J Crew (J Crew Factory version here) | Earrings: Nordstrom | Lipstick: MAC- Russian Red

April Showers

I am hoping we will have copious amounts of flowers this May due to all the April showers we have been having! I live in the Pacific Northwest, so rain is to be expected. We are the Evergreen state for a reason, and I suppose those beautiful trees that I love cannot be so green and tall without the rain.

I have collected a  few raincoats now over the years due to where we live, but this one by Pendleton is by far my favorite! If you live in a place where you need good rain protection, invest in a good rain coat and I’m telling you it will change your life!

This jacket has so many features that are absolutely perfect I’m not even sure where to start…

  • Perfect Weight: heavy enough to keep out the chill, but light enough for Spring’s warmer temperatures. No muggy damp feeling!
  • Perfect Length: long enough to keep your entire torso dry (even for a walk in a rainstorm- speaking from experience!) but short enough that there isn’t a lot of material weighing you down.
  • Perfect Hood: Large enough to keep your whole face dry, and still enough that it doesn’t droop in front of your eyes
  • Perfect Pockets: there are two sets of pockets in the outside of the jacket. One that you can easily slip your hands in (and large enough to hold and iPhone 6+ easily) and another set with button closures to make sure all items stay completely dry.
  • Perfect Roominess: there is enough room in the shoulders to be able to easily move around without being too baggy. I can wear my ergobaby carriers underneath this jacket and still be comfortable. This is also wonderful for the colder months. I can easily wear a bulky sweater.
  • Perfect Style: this may be up to opinion, but I love how classic this coat is. I know based on the quality that this coat will last me years, probably decades, and I love that I know it won’t be going out of style.

So… can you tell I’m in love?

Want to hear something that makes this coat even more perfect?

ITS ON SALE RIGHT NOW!!! 40% off!!

I am a BIG fan of a good deal, and this is one for the books. I’m serious lady, if it rains where you live, you need this amazing coat.

Another perfect rain item? Hunter rain boots of course! (Can we pretend we are English and call them Wellies please? It’s just so fun 🙂 ) I have had these Glossy ones for years and they have been worth every penny.

Between these two favorite rainy day items, I am wonderfully prepared for the April showers yet to come our way!

I hope your Spring has been dryer then mine so far, but if not, I hope these pieces help (and that you are a rain lover like me!)



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