Hello Again!

Hello Again!

Life has changed quite a bit in the last 4 years that I have been away from my little blog! Since my last post here, I moved across the country to Seattle with my fiancé, completed an internship with my dream company and began my career with them, got married, adopted a dog, moved 4 times including into our first house and… had our first baby!

Wedding Day- Arch Door
Our Wedding Day- absolutely one of the best days of my life.

Wedding Kiss

The view from one of our first apartments in Seattle. 
The view from one of our first apartments in Seattle.
Pike Place Market- One of my favorite places in the city.
Pike Place Market- One of my favorite places in the city.
Our pup Leo!
Meeting Jessica Alba at work (She was so sweet!). I worked in the Nordstrom Buying Offices. Miss my team!
Meeting Jessica Alba (she was so sweet!) at a work event. Miss my Buying Office team!
Our pregnancy announcement!
Announcing Baby Avellana.

Leo in Yard
A happy Leo in our yard at our new house. We moved in 2 weeks before our baby was born… not something I recommend!
Charlotte Eve Avellana. 9/18/2017

My little family out exploring the PNW.

To say it was a busy 4 years would be an understatement! It is crazy to look back on my old posts knowing that the life I was hoping for is the life I am living now. I know that’s a little cheesy but it’s true. I was just graduating from college about to embark on the start of my career, planning my wedding and hoping the move away from our closest family and friends wasn’t a mistake. Luckily, the job worked out, I am very happily married, have the prettiest baby girl, and we are loving our life here in the Pacific Northwest! (Still working on my plan of getting all of our family and friends to move here and join us though 😉 )

This life of ours is not perfect by any means, and yet somehow it is at the same time. Not everything went to “my plan” necessarily, but a trip down 4 years of memory lane really helps put things in perspective doesn’t it? Just a little reminder that even when times seem tough and your life doesn’t seem to be tracking to the plan you had, God knows His plan for you. Keep trusting in Him and in time you may even find that His plan was even better then what you had imagined. Hindsight is 20/20 after all, right?

Charlotte Eve

The biggest (and in so many ways the best) change in our lives was the addition of our baby, Charlotte Eve. She is almost 6 months old (how is that possible?!?), the reason for the dark circles under my eyes, and absolutely my pride and joy. So far, I have found that there are many aspects of motherhood that I absolutely love. However, being a Mom is hard. I did not expect motherhood to be easy by any means, but I just don’t think there is anything that can prepare you for a role that is this all-consuming.

Im my motherhood journey so far, I have realized that there will never be enough information or advice out there about this role. I thought I had read lots about becoming a new mom and was at least minutely prepared, and yet after Charlotte arrived I quickly realized one never could be! Every day is different and brings new surprises and twists and I find myself scrolling the web for advice (or calling my Mom) all. the. time.

I also have found some solutions that worked for us that I would love to share with other new Mama’s. I decided to get back to my little part of the internet and share what I have learned and what has helped me and my family, because just maybe it will help another person too!

This Blog

I’ll be sharing mom-life advice, recipes, home things, style tips (of course, this is The A Rated Style blog after all!), and general life *stuff* with the goal of helping or inspiring other women out there- especially Mom’s.

I am so excited to be back to blogging, and I cannot wait to begin sharing our life, again, with you!



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