The Start of a New Chapter…

Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry I have been away for so long! Jacob and I graduated from college this last weekend, and I have been incredibly busy with finishing up everything around school, coordinating family travel plans, and packing up my life in Indiana, but it was all worth it. Graduation was a great experience and the perfect way to not only commemorate our academic accomplishments, but also all the memories, friendships, life lessons and personal growth that these past four years have blessed us with. It was wonderful to have most of the people who are dearest to me be with me to celebrate (and also got me really excited for our wedding when ALL of the people Jacob and I love so much will all be in one place together!) The graduation ceremony itself was very special as well. All the speeches were outstanding, the music was beautiful, and I truly felt I had reached a great life accomplishment. I knew a few friends who chose not to walk at their ceremonies for various insundry reasons, and I just want to say I enjoyed mine so much that if you are unsure about attending yours, I strongly encourage you to go! It is a bit long, but it is a one time deal, and worth every second! I even went to two, my own ceremony as well as Jacobs. Saying goodbye to people was incredibly difficult, and I am struggling a bit to not let those feelings of sadness eclipse how happy I am to start this next chapter in my life. One of my favorite quotes that I try to remind myself of often though is “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”- A.A. Milne.  Summer will be a bit of a transition period I think to the next chapter, an intermission of sorts for me, but I truly am excited for what is to come, and would not be faced with such wonderful opportunities if it was not for my amazing family, amazing sorority sisters and friends, and my amazing alma mater, Purdue University. I will always be Ever Faithful and Ever True.


(The Parents!)


(The graduation procession)


(It is especially tough leaving this cookie :'( My amazing friend and sister Kinsey)

Annnnnnnd I wanted to share this with all of you to apologize for being absent and also that posting will be resuming to normal very soon!!

Thanks for visiting!



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