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Happy Friday!!! I am sure most if not all of you are just as excited about the weekend as I am! It has been a few long, busy weeks for me, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! And the weather here has been lovely, which is another great plus. It has been a while since I have put up a Friday Favorites post, so I am very happy to be getting back to it! This week I have picked out some of my favorite jewelry pieces from some smaller online boutiques to share with you. Go visit some of the sites and see if they have somethings you may love too!



Mindy Mae’s Market- Crystal Dot Bracelet

You may have noticed, this bracelet can be seen in almost every one of my posts! I absolutely love it, it goes with everything, it sparkles like no other, and it is offered for a great price! I keep trying to mix it up and wear other bracelets, but it always seems to be just the touch of glam I am looking for. And do not let the great prices fool you, all the pieces I have from MMM are of great quality.



Brina Box – Royal Bow Bracelet

This precious bangle comes in seven colors, and is so cute I can’t believe it. It does have a hinge locket, so it should fist about any wrist. It is on my list to add to my collection, so hopefully you will see it in a post very soon!


Derng – Limited Edition Multi-Tassel Pink and Silver Bracelet

Tassel bracelets are coming onto the scene strong this spring! I love the tassel accents, but I have not picked one out yet because I just cannot decide on a color! You can select either one tassel or two depending on your preference, and just about any color your little heart desires.


Accessory Concierge – “XO” Crystal Bracelet

Shocking… I like another crystal bracelet. This one though, from Accessory Concierge, has a very unique design  that add would add some nice texture to any arm party. It would also pair nicely with any bracelet that has a pavĂ© design, die to the halo setting around the oval stones.


Swell Caroline 04-005 1000px

Love Always – Queen Bee Bracelet

This piece from Love Always has a perfect dash of summer color. This site in general has a huge selection, and there is sure to be something for everyone! They also offer a very wide range of price points, so there is also something for every budget.


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have fabulous weekends!



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