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Happy Friday everyone! This week I have been thinking a lot about life after college, which is coming up pretty soon! (Graduation is in 10 weeks!) With that, I have been contemplating a bit about what kind of things I would like to decorate my new apartment with. I do not have very many decor items- you don’t really need much living in a sorority house- so below are some of my favorite things I have found recently that I hope to fill my new abode with!



Kate Spade Castle Peak Dinnerware– Jacob and I actually registered for this set for out everyday dishes, I can not wait to have these in our home!



C. Wonder Linen Embroidered Pillow– I love the metallic accent these have, and are fairly neutral so would fit in to most color schemes



Z Gallerie Axis Floor Mirror– Realistically, I know we probably won’t have room for a piece like this anytime soon, and its about $975 over budget, but hey a girl can dream right?



Ayola Rug– I’m hoping for hard wood floors in our new place. If we get them, I would love a patterned, light colored area rug for the living room. I really like the uniqueness of the pattern in this one.



C. Wonder Pierced Ginger Jars– The only purpose these serve are to look pretty, so definitely needed right?

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