A Bright, Rainy Day…

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Coat: Calvin Klein    Sweater: J Crew    Bottoms: Hudson    Shoes: Hunter    Necklaces: J Crew, J Crew    Umbrella: Vera Bradley    Lips: MAC Impassioned

As we approach Spring, I wanted to talk about two investment pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe this season. The first, is a pair of Hunter rain boots. I do not think I would have survived this last Midwest winter without them! They have great traction, are warm, especially with inserts, are light enough to trudge around in all day, and are still attractive! I had a pair of black rain boots before that I hated wearing because I felt they made my legs look stalky, but not with these! And, despite all the use they have gotten, they still look great and I know they will survive a few more awful winters with me yet.

The second piece is a trench coat. It is a classic, goes with almost anything item, and I know I will also have mine forever. I picked it up at a major sale when I was walking through Macy’s last year, and I love it! (And the one I linked above is an even better price!) The one I have also has a detachable inner lining that I can take out for warmer rainy days. Make sure if you do buy one, you invest. You might be spending a bit more upfront, but this is the type of item that you will absolutely have for years to come. It’s not trendy, it’s timeless. If you spend more now on a great staple piece, you will wind up spending less money than if you buy a cheap version every other year!

Unfortunately, these pictures were taken a few days ago, and today I walked to class in 3 degree weather, so I was extremely bundled up back in my very warm winter wear… Spring please hurry!

Have a great day!



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  1. hey, my room is next to yours… come stop in and show me how to be cute with the clothes I already own? Love you and this blog is fantastic <3 <3

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